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What Am I Supposed To Do? (WAISTD)

Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen

/Deep Soulful Sweats


Staring into our cultural inertia and the hypocrisies of trying to be good in the face of a climate crisis, What Am I Supposed To Do? (WAISTD) is a truly immersive experience questioning the complexities and complicity of contemporary Australia. Digging into the stasis that holds us back from doing anything, this dark, hopeful and irreverent cautionary tale reminds that now is not the time to sit back and watch.

Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen / Deep Soulful Sweats invite you to jump in the twin cab for a jaw-dropping ride through cultural detritus of colonial Australia in an unfolding eco-horror. Somewhere between mass games, film set and school play, you will play a vital part in a performance without spectators. Directed live, the entire audience move through a collage of drama, movement and narrative, heavy on the symbolism.

"...definitional, capstone works of the emerging generation of Australian choreographers "

Jana Perkovic. The Age.

Concept, choreography and performance: Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen / Deep Soulful Sweats

Collaborating performers: Claire Leske, Megan Payne, Alexander Powers, Ngioka Bunda-Heath

Design: Romanie Harper

Additional performers: Daniel Arnott, Kyle Ramboyong, Tammy Bauman, David Maney, Jayson Patterson, Blim Dolan and Hillary Goldsmith

Lighting Design: Amelia Lever-Davidson

Mentor/Outside Eye: Mish Grigor

Sound Design: Andrew Wilson

Stage Manager: Bindi Green

Photography: Gregory Lorenzutti

WAISTD was developed with the assistance of Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe as part of the Take Over! commission. This project has been generously supported by Monica Lim and Konfir Kabo and Lorraine and John Bates.