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Sarah Aiken


Commissioned by STRUT and TURA for SITU8 City this short work responded to the abandoned Liberty Cinema in Perths CBD An assemblage of body and cinema pairing human and superhuman, effect and special effect, past and present, living and non-living - developing patterns of unintentional coordination and multispecies, multitemporal, multibody collaboration.

Demake/demaster is a choreography which collages live movement and found footage from cinema history, finding unlikely connections to form new bodies and patchworking together complex and multi-form choreographies that are surprising, banal, absurd or disquieting.


Merging the corporal, contemporary body with visual history of cinema, the piece considers the influences that our bodies absorb and hold, and the chimeras we become as we interact with, embody and subconsciously imitate physicalities through cinema.

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