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“We were at once recipients of and contributors to the joy [horror?] of witnessing the sudden appearance of creatures none of us had foreseen, but which we ourselves had nonetheless created.” Simone Kahn on Exquisite Corpse


If history without progress is indeterminate and multi-directional, might assemblages show us its possibilities?

Things unimaginable by one brain alone?

Things greater than the sum of their parts? 

Patterns of unintentional coordination develop in assemblages of living and non-living things, each one contaminated by its encounters with the other- purity is never an option.

This screen based practice invites lab participants to create video collages in an improvised real time choreography. Using self generated or found footage, Quicktime (or similar) and your desktop display, moving and still images, we will create moving assemblages, in the tradition of the surrealists Exquisite Corpse, a drawing game in which participants contribute to an evolving and mismatched body.

I will provide a dropbox folder of short videos for everyone to contribute to, we will then find configurations, flipping, looping and resizing to find connections and choreographies- forming unlikely new bodies and conglomerate forms. These can be captured using screen record functions for sharing or further editing.

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