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Sarah Aiken Rebecca Jensen UnderworldChoroeography Dance Performance


Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen


Their crime was against nature.

Nature found them guilty

(Long Weekend, 1978)

A cautionary tale, Underworld delves into the dark and murky in-betweens that exist amidst the things we think we think we know and understand.

From the context of an increasingly digital world, Underworld considers our relationship to the physical, natural; flesh, earth, animal, death and the limitations of our human form. Taking its structure from 1978 environmental horror, ‘Long Weekend’, Underworld recycles & re-contextualizes content, considering excess, questioning appropriation, and asking what is ours to take.

Broken narratives weave together movement, sound and film to create a shadowy collage of dystopian futures, flesh, and the Australian landscape. Underworld pays homage to the things that cannot be found, learned or solved online and our complicated relationships to environment and national identity.

Created and performed by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen

with Claire Leske and Louella Hogan

Sound by Andrew Wilson (ART Wilson)

Lighting Design by Matt Adey/House of Vnholy

Underworld is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. This project has been Maximised by Chunky Move. Premiere Season- Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane. Feb 2017. Darebin Arts/Speakeasy Season September 2017

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